Press release 2015/05/05 – Aurochs Software launches its incentive plan health check module

May.05, 2015 - PUNE, India -- Aurochs Software launched its incentive plan health check module today. IC Health Check is a tool to assess the health of incentive compensation plans, designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

The IC Health Check module allows healthcare companies to perform periodic assessment of their sales incentive plans to gauge the fairness, balance and effectiveness and take steps to course correct for new strategic needs.

This solution comes pre-built with an extensive feature set including:

  • Descriptive Summary Statistics for different plan metrics, territory level earnings, rep level payments
  • Comparison of Max, Min, 90th ,75th, 50th, 25th and 10th percentile performance with industry benchmarks
  • Compare performance of population grouped by quintile buckets.
  • Comparison of performance statistics across different geographic levels
  • Analyze leverage ratios built into the sales incentive plan
  • Scatter plots of measures and earnings vs various key metrics
  • Population distribution histograms for measures, earnings, etc.
  • Fully Integrated with Aurochs Incentive Compensation calculation module

With the launch of this IC Health Check solution, Aurochs Software grows its portfolio of products towards achieving its goal of being a full-featured self managed Incentive Compensation solution ecosystem with the highest return on investment in the industry.

The IC-Health Check solution can also be deployed as a standalone module that draws data from existing IC calculation systems and other source systems. Aurochs provides flexibility to integrate health check module with other IC calculation software with the help of in-built data management capability

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