Data Security and Compliance

Healthcare systems present unique challenges and require focused solutions. Not least of those challenges is regulatory compliance. In order to follow the rules, any healthcare data has to undergo intense scrutiny to verify that confidentiality is protected and that the integrity of the data is never compromised. That is where a commitment to data security compliance comes into play.

Data Security Data security is the key to compliance, and it can only be achieved through robust measures. Encryption lies at the heart of all security, and we work with end-to-end encryption to keep every last scrap of data protected at every stage. All traffic is run through HTTPS, and even database connections are run through SSL.

Network protection is built on smart isolation and powerful firewalls. Public and private subnets are kept separate to prevent unwanted access, and all of it can be linked to private cloud access with a site-to-site VPN.

Lastly, data is secured through access controls and authentication. Every access point is password-protected, and strong password protocols are used to ensure that protection is effective.

This is what it takes to protect confidential data, but when you take these measures, you needn’t worry.

Compliance Data security may be the key to compliance, but that only works when the security is built around healthcare confidentiality requirements. Authentication and authorization protocols are what protect protected data from being viewed and manipulated by third parties. Aurochs uses SAML and Kerberos to handle these tasks. SAML handles single sign on (SSO) protocols. The SSO protocols unify authentication sessions in order to enable a user to access every application and domain without repeated credential checks. This makes Aurochs software more efficient for users without compromising security. Kerberos adds to SSO security by implementing symmetric key cryptography to prevent unauthorized users from getting through the gates.