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Management by Objective (MBO)




If you expect a brilliant performance from your employees, from your organization, then you must also realize the importance of setting clear objectives. If the aim is well defined for the workforce, then it becomes easier for them to put their ideas and talent to the best use which in turn produces efficient and effective results. Clearly defined objectives that are agreed to by both; the management and the employees, can be termed as Management by Objectives (MBO). You can think of MBO as a strategy that is meant to enhance a company’s overall performance by improving efficiency. MBO methods are designed to establish an employee’s primary goals, which are then rated using group feedback. This allows all corporate employees to see their efforts concerning the firm’s key priorities as they complete their jobs, increasing consistency between action and consequence and boosting productivity significantly.

Management by Objective can be used by an organization for various reasons. Some of them include:

  • Linking impacted sales data to a specific salesperson can become easier with MBO.
  • If the data quality is poor, you can use MBO to improve the performance.
  • With MBO, you can expect no delay in the availability of final performance data which saves time.
  • MBO can also be used for non-sales activities such as coaching, training, etc

There are various benefits of choosing the path of MBO. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Planning can be done in such a way that assigns specific tasks to each employee. This task or project can be based on their interests, their qualifications, their experience. Doing this would make the employee also content and satisfied with the work they are given, and as a result, the productivity and efficiency of the employee will also be maximum.

  2. MBO will also help build a spirit of teamwork among the employees. This will lead to a nurturing environment and promote healthy relations among the workforce. People will happily help their fellow employees in achieving better results.

  3. Employees learn to appreciate their job more through this objective. As the work they have been given becomes very clear, they understand what is required of them to achieve the best possible results. This way, they know in which direction they need to focus their time and efforts.

  4. Employees need appreciation and a sense of loyalty to the organization. MBO divides the work in a way through which each employees’ strength is being used to achieve the target. By doing this, an organization makes its employees feel indispensable to the organization, it makes them realize that their presence is of utmost importance and the organization needs their skills and talent.

Its use of non-sales-driven performance indicators is central to the MBO definition. In a time-limited setting, the tracking paradigm is characterized as evaluating pre-specified objectives with observable results. Individuals’ performance on individual targets is graded by reporting managers, which helps track the manager’s performance as well. Therefore, you should keep many important factors in mind while designing an MBO plan. It is very crucial for the company’s future performance, as well as each employees’ performance. Involving the team and helping them understand how objectives can assist the organization to achieve bigger objectives, as well as how they can be linked to their achievement, is an important element in the process.

What is the goal of MBO?

MBO helps you identify where the company is lacking. By setting an objective standard, you can cross-check if your team is performing accordingly or not. The areas which are facing problems, whatever the reason may be, can be identified by the managers and can be improved. An increase in efficiency and productivity will result in quicker and better performance.

Management by Objectives is a method used by managers to keep tabs on their employees by establishing a set of clear goals that both the employee and the company want to attain shortly and working toward them. This allows firms to concentrate on the program’s strategic value rather than on operational issues.


Through MBO, businesses can convey their uniqueness as well as their primary concerns and, most importantly, carry them out.

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