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Aurochs SIP Solution Suite Deployed for Upcoming Biopharma Organization pan-Europe

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vision care

Multi-Country Sales Incentive Process Management

End-to-end sales incentive process automation that enabled 10x faster processing and >75% reduction in change rollout time
Pharma Company

Incentive Progress Reporting and Communication Management

>70% of reduction in query management and dispute resolution time enabled by significant increase in transparency of incentive calculations & timely nudges
Pharma Company

Pharma Business Unit Quota Management

Comprehensive quota management process using a variety of sales-based factors along with embedded analytics and visualizations capability
Animal healthcare

Sales Incentive, Reporting & Distribution Management

<50% total cost of ownership as compared to legacy system facilitated by 20x faster processing time with zero manual interventions

SIP Automation Validation Across 10 Countries (APAC, LATAM, Europe)

Single standardized system deployed for 10 countries with cross-country performance comparison reporting enabled by automated currency conversion
vision care

Vision Care Business Unit Quota Management

End-to-end quota allocation process automation using a variety of sales-based statistical factors along with integrated refinement capability
global pharma

Sales Incentive Calculations & Reporting Management

Implementation process completed in 4 weeks as compared to 13 weeks in the legacy system. Change time reduced by over 75%

SIP Solution Suite Validated for 3 European Markets

> 50% operational efficiency gained with complete automation of base incentive plan and contests; change rollout time reduced by >85% with easier communication

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.