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Aurochs SIP Solution Suite Validated Across 10 Countries (APAC, LATAM, Europe)

Aurochs ic-engine-for-top-global-healthcare-company
Aurochs ic-engine-for-top-global-healthcare-company


  • Leading healthcare organization sought to automate global sales incentive program management, prompting an RFP.

  • Challenges faced by sales operations team members across countries included:

    • Team-wise Excel-based calculation system for each country with person-dependent flow.
    • Complex and varied incentive rules per team and product combination, leading to calculation inaccuracies and manual interventions.
    • Country-based local governance regulations added complexity with exceptions for eligibility and vacancy management.
    • Manual interventions required for certain payout components.
    • Exceptions needed at individual rep level, in addition to rep-level incentive targets and product weight definitions.
    • Tedious comparison across countries due to local currency-based sales incentive calculations.
    • Sluggish response to market changes with significant delays in rolling out sales incentive plan changes.
    • Lack of change audit control, facing significant compliance risks.
  • Organization’s primary goal was complete automation of global (ex-US) sales incentives while enabling in-house management.

  • Desired partner attributes included agility, responsiveness, multi-country coverage, integration with internal data sources, flexibility for country-specific variations, and end-to-end automation.

  • Key partner requirements:

    • Reacts, adapts, and scales with evolving business in individual countries.
    • Provides global platforms catering to local needs.
    • Manages multiple countries together with a combined business review.
    • Easy management of master, sales, market, and CRM data on the platform.
    • Pulls data from SFTP without manual intervention.
    • Accesses and enables relevant functionality as client needs change and business grows.
    • Reflects dynamics within SIP plans based on each country’s business needs.
    • Deploys integrated SIP platform for end-to-end program management.
    • Provides access to approved picklist of plans by type for country setup in incentive processes.
    • Ensures high levels of automation and repeatability for faster operations.


  • Quick proof of concept (POC) conducted for 10 identified countries across APAC, European, and LATAM regions.
  • The approach for the POC included the following steps:

Incentive Platforms Rollout

  • Configured and deployed standardized sales incentive solution for all 10 countries.
  • Enabled end-to-end process automation while accommodating business rule exceptions.
  • Utilized out-of-the-box pick-and-choose plan component framework to accommodate various plan types across different business units.
  • Configured Aurochs Incentive Manager to handle complexities such as variable on-target earnings (OTE), performance qualifiers, and band-based curves.
  • Configured eligibility rules to manage special scenarios like new hires, leaves, and flexible working arrangements.
  • Implemented out-of-the-box input and output QA framework to identify data issues and potential outliers upfront.
  • Designed and developed a global performance summary providing performance and payout information for all applicable countries to facilitate easier cross-country business review.
  • Provided detailed analyst reports with built-in analytics and visualizations for quick identification of outliers.


  • Timely completion of implementations for all 10 key markets.
  • Key performance metrics:
    • System configured for all 10 countries within a week.
    • Identification of calculation and display mistakes in legacy excel calculation workbooks.
    • End-to-end automated single standardized system for all 10 countries.
    • Cross-country performance comparison enabled through built-in currency conversion feature.
    • Complete elimination of manual calculations and related adjustments.

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