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Immerse yourself in the Aurochs experience through our Video page, where we unveil the power of our incentives automation, meticulous calculation, and sales enablement tools. Witness success stories that highlight the tangible impact on businesses navigating the competitive landscape with ease.

Input Validations

Explore our validation dashboards to enhance data quality. Review exceptions from checks like nulls, blanks, duplicates, value ranges, referential integrity, and month-over-month changes. Summary visualizations help you understand data distribution.

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Rep Scorecard

Learn how to configure, generate, and distribute incentive reports in your preferred formats, all downloadable as PDFs for offline access. See how salespeople can use interactive what-if calculators to project future earnings and optimize their sales strategies.
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Configurable Eligibility

Our unique eligibility manager lets you configure eligibility using pick-and-choose options for various HR exceptions. This video shows how to set eligibility and time-in-territory calculations based on different timeframes. You’ll also learn to manage exceptions for new hires, transfers, terminations, flexible work, and leaves through our intuitive interface, simplifying complex eligibility management.
#newhire #configureeligibility #terminations

Payout Curve

The payout curve links sales performance to incentive payouts, rewarding higher sales progressively. This video covers configuring different payout models—linear, step, and threshold-based—to align with business goals. Mastering these helps create a fair, motivating compensation plan that boosts sales and ensures profitability.

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