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Who We Are

Who we are?

Aurochs is a new age company that provides cloud platforms, information management systems, and advanced analytics for the life sciences industry. We are focused on delivering high-end analytical solutions, complex business process management systems with built-in data-driven insightful reporting. Aurochs has been co-founded by people with more than 100 years of combined experience working with the life sciences industry primarily in the area of sales force effectiveness and data management. Our experience spans across all business, functional, and technical areas with a deep understanding of life sciences data structures and process quality requirements.

We provide platforms and solutions that are highly intuitive, easy to use, and are designed to bring efficiency to business operations and the analytical needs of commercial organizations due to complete automation, built-in flexibility, and integration with industry-standard BI tools.

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Our Story

After providing consulting to life sciences companies for many years, we learned about common challenges being faced by commercial organizations and founded Aurochs on the premise of solving these common challenges:

  • Changing market dynamics requires them to constantly evolve their strategic and operational needs. The effort and time required to implement these routine changes slow down the business process
  • Poor operational turnaround times and constant delays during ongoing operations causes mistrust and results in delay in decisions
  • Lack of intuitive platforms and automated solutions requires significant manual interventions resulting in lesser time for value-added activities while using larger in-house or outsourced teams
  • The slow reaction time of solutions and teams results in dissatisfaction amongst key stakeholders while incurring a higher total cost of ownership

Our Vision

Enable life sciences organizations to improve the overall effectiveness of their sales incentive programs by automating their sales incentive calculations end-to-end, organizing their incentive operations through a robust process governance structure, and providing access to easy-to-read visual progress reports/ analytical dashboards. Our goal is to bring efficiency & flexibility to clients’ sales operations processes using our configurable platforms and deep business expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help global life sciences organizations address inherently complex commercial problems primarily in the area of sales force effectiveness using highly intuitive no-compromise cloud platforms and solutions with built-in data quality management, business process intelligence, and integrations for analytics and visualizations to get timely actionable insights.

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Why Choose Us

Why work with us?

  • Extensive experience working in sales force effectiveness (SFE) area primarily for the life sciences industry
  • Deep knowledge of life sciences commercial data structures and business knowledge
  • Platforms and solutions design is driven based on thousands of hours of life sciences sales operations experience which allows our clients to achieve high levels of automation and operational efficiency
  • Access to technical and business resources from top educational institutes with a strong analytical and statistical background
  • Strong partnership ecosystem to provide onsite analytics and operations support if desired
  • Cloud experts with decades of experience developing secure compliant platforms and solutions
  • Comprehensive program governance framework capturing strong process and quality mindset, proactive communication and documentation protocols

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.