Leading Global Vision Care Organization

Quota setting for their Pharma business unit

Aurochs pharma_business_unit_quota_management
Aurochs pharma_business_unit_quota_management


  • Quota Setting for a leading global vision care organization operating in 60 nations with customers in over 140 nations.

  • Unique problems faced by the client in their Pharma business unit:

    • Ownership of glaucoma eye drops transferred from a leading global pharmaceutical organization in mid-2021.
    • Product promotions suspended during the transition, leading to a gap in market presence and trajectory.
    • Quota-setting strategy dilemma: whether to treat the product as a launch or almost mature, as historical sales history didn’t fit either.
    • Historical sales impacted by lack of promotion, showing a downward trend in most territories.
  • Client engaged Aurochs via professional services partner to:

    • Access end-to-end automation of quota-setting process with change agility and responsiveness.
    • Incorporate local guidance and knowledge to improve quota quality and provide flexibility for scenario modeling.
  • Key objectives included:

    • Agility and flexibility to test different permutations and combinations of historical sales and potential parameters for quota allocation.
    • Define markets at granular level and incorporate factors like demographics, patients, physicians, spending, etc.
    • Allocate configurable quotas through a user-friendly system allowing simulation of various scenarios without technical expertise.
    • Use sales and non-sales-based parameters, considering local knowledge for quota allocation.
    • Implement rule-based quota refinement accessible across hierarchy levels with pre-configured restrictions.
    • Analytical visualizations and statistical summaries to assess fairness and performance alignment of set quotas.
    • Customize historical periods and add caps and floors to handle outliers and ensure quota distribution aligns with company goals.
    • Define scenarios using different forecast scenarios.
    • Deploy integrated quota management platform with backup support and service operations.
    • High levels of automation and repeatability allowing focus on business rather than quota calculations.


  • Aurochs developed a comprehensive approach to ensure high-quality and repeatable quota allocation.
  • Analyzed historical sales with and without promotions to determine key factors influencing quota allocation.
  • Segmented territories by size (small, medium, large) based on historical product volume and sales performance trends.
  • Observed significant variations in behavior among territory segments, with some showing higher downward trends in volume and market share.
  • Identified potential factors for different territory segments and incorporated them into quota allocation.
  • Simulated several scenarios using different factors and associated weights to refine quota allocation.
  • Utilized in-built analytical visualizations to identify bias in quotas for different segments and align with strategic business objectives.
  • Implemented caps and floors to ensure fair consideration of outliers and avoid bias.
  • Project duration: approximately 6 weeks, with weekly touchpoints to discuss findings and results.

Quota Manager Platform Rollout

  • Data collected from various sources, primarily in-house data warehouse, sanitized, and ingested automatically using proprietary Data Manager.
  • Aurochs Quota Manager configured to accommodate various scenarios including historical performance data periods, different sales factors, caps, and floors.
  • Testing scenarios configured to assess methodology quality by allocating quotas across different historical periods.
  • Summary calculation workbooks and reports designed for quota communication.


  • Project completed within 6 weeks.
  • Comprehensive quota cycle management instilled high stakeholder confidence.
  • Achieved end-to-end automation of quota allocation process.
  • Capability to assess quota quality at individual and role levels.
  • Ability to leverage diverse sales and non-sales-based factors.
  • Facilitated easier identification of bias in quotas linked to geographical performance trends.

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