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June 03, 2021 – PUNE, India: Aurochs is proud to announce a strategic partnership with McAlign. McAlign is a leading global consulting organization that enables the digital transformation of sales operations tasks to improve sales team productivity and efficiency. The two firms will combine decades of sales performance management experience across business, functional and technical areas to drive innovation in sales management. McAlign will act as an implementation partner and leverage Auroch’s comprehensive product suite to enable end-to-end automation of incentive compensation programs for organizations.

Displaying dedication and commitment to supporting sales communities worldwide, Aurochs’s partnership with McAlign is designed to bring thought leadership and innovative solutions in sales performance management, including incentive compensation management, roster management, territory management, quota management, and sales analytics reporting.

This partnership will help us build further depth to our services portfolio and provide scale to meet the growing needs globally.

Aurochs and McAlign together want to evolve the way companies manage their sales incentives, data transformation, reporting capabilities, and deliver end-to-end automation without compromising on flexibility, timeliness, and quality.

The McAlign team will be supporting global implementations on Auroch’s flagship Incentive Compensation Solution suite.

McAlign’s partnership with Aurochs will improve and provide much-needed assistance and support needed by sales operations, HR and Finance professionals worldwide as they navigate through a constantly changing and increasingly complex calculation paradigm. The combined efforts of McAlign and Aurochs will help organizations focus on core business while leaving their day-to-day woes in sales incentives and commission calculations to us.

Aurochs and McAlign teams are led by people with decades of strong consulting backgrounds and have supported several successful multi-country incentive solution deployments for leading organizations.

The success of our global rollouts is being driven by flexible, easy-to-use, secure cloud platforms with a unique program governance framework that allows for regional collaboration and adherence to global guidelines.

Aurochs comprehensive solution suite consists of cloud platforms that support the entire sales incentive process flow:
Aurochs comprehensive no-code IC solution suite that includes Incentive Calculation Manager, Quota Manager, MBO Manager, and Field Engagement Manager for the Life Sciences Industry. Incentivate (no-code sales commissions and business intelligence platform) designed specifically to support organizations across industries and geographies.

About McAlign

McAlign is a global firm delivering sales and marketing consulting services to global clients and supporting their sales operations, commercial excellence, HR & Finance functions involved in sales incentives management. Their uniqueness lies in the digital transformation of sales operation tasks to increase sales productivity and efficiency which enables customers to enter into fast-growing companies.

McAlign spreads across offices in the US, Canada, and India with a focus on data integration, reporting, analytics, lead management, and sales incentives combined with strong partnerships.

About Aurochs

Aurochs provides cloud platforms, information management solutions, and advanced analytics services specifically for the life sciences industry. Aurochs flagship IC Solution Suite is a comprehensive suite with the capability to manage different needs of incentive program management from setting sales targets/quotas, managing non-sales objectives, calculating field sales incentives, providing access to sales and payout performance, engaging salesforce, and proactively performing post hoc IC plan analytics for timely actions.

Incentivate is a no-code sales commission and BI software with an innovative design that enables easy integrations and end-to-end automation of commission calculations. All stakeholders have access to relevant granular cross-functional reporting that is transparent and motivating.

Aurochs is headquartered in Pune, India, and has more than 60 employees, all based out of India. Aurochs has global clients based out of the US, APAC as well as Europe.

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