Leading Biopharmaceutical Company

Aurochs deployed IC Calculation Engine & Reporting Tool for US



  • A leading biopharmaceutical company with over 30 years of experience in CNS disease treatments in the US seeks to automate its incentive process. The company has four business teams, with over 12 plans and a sales team of 320-350 people.


    • Manual incentive calculations in Excel are error-prone.
    • Roster changes (new hires, transfers, terminations) are tracked through email and Excel.
    • Complex rank, interim, and territory calculations are difficult to maintain in Excel.
    • Manual data collection and transformation in Excel.
    • Frequent plan changes require constant updates to Excel templates.
    • Manual and time-consuming plan document sharing and acknowledgment.
    • Difficulty in auditing incentive calculations.
    • The manual approval process for IC payouts with the finance team.
    • Limited performance reports due to complex Excel calculations, reducing transparency with the sales team.


    • Agility and responsiveness.
    • Flexibility to configure complex plans and performance measures.
    • End-to-end serviced solutions for IC calculations, roster management, plan acknowledgment, and field engagement.

    Primary Objectives:

    • Faster system rollout with plan changes.
    • Standardized platform for the US.
    • Automated data ingestion and transformation.
    • Support for different plan types and complex calculation rules.
    • Adaptable features for changing business needs


  • Aurochs team demoed design philosophy and plan configuration capabilities to key stakeholders.
  • Conducted quick proof of concept for US teams.
  • Client signed contract after gaining confidence in system capabilities.
  • Methodically rolled out systems for all team plans post-signing.

Incentive Platforms Rollout

  • Configured and deployed complex plans (multi-level rank, bonus, commission, qualifiers, etc.) using Aurochs Incentive Manager.
  • Transformed raw data with Proprietary Data Manager.
  • Set up Roster Manager for flexible management of geographical hierarchies, territory assignments, and roster changes.
  • Configured Plan Acknowledgement for all teams.
  • Deployed incentive performance scorecards and reports for transparency using Aurochs Field Manager.

Governance Structure

  • Ran two cycles in parallel with existing client calculations to ensure quality.
  • Held periodic steering committee meetings to review project progress.
  • Designed a dashboard to track implementation progress, risks, and updates.
  • Established a framework to monitor monthly operations and SLAs.


  • Completed implementation on time for all four teams and hierarchy levels.
  • Ran multiple cycles for all business teams.
  • Enabled easy roster changes via Roster Manager.
  • Implemented a one-click automated process to handle incentives, from data pulling to payout and report generation, in about 15 minutes.
  • Provided comprehensive training documentation for managing Incentive Calculation Manager.

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