Top Global Surgical & Vision Care Organization

Aurochs Incentive Solution Suite Deployed for US & Canada



  • Multi-country roll-out (US & Canada) of sales compensation management solution for leading surgical & vision care company
  • Over 100 complex plans across 2 business units deployed on single standardized platform
  • Significant challenges with existing solutions:
    • Manual interventions due to inability to handle plan complexities
    • Manual data collection and transformations
    • Time-consuming change management and manual calculations
    • Delays in plan rollouts and ad-hoc changes affecting payroll schedule and business alignment
  • Organization sought automation of sales incentives calculation for US and Canada, reducing team effort
  • Desired partner attributes:
    • Agility & responsiveness
    • Multi-country coverage
    • Data pull from internal sources
    • Flexibility for complex plan types and performance measures
    • End-to-end serviced solutions
  • Primary objectives:
    • Faster system rollout with plan changes
    • Standardized platform for US and Canadian regions
    • Automated data ingestion and transformation
    • Support for variety of plan types and complex logic
    • Access to relevant functionality based on evolving business needs
    • Reflects dynamics within sales plans and country dynamics
    • Integrated platform with backup support
    • High levels of automation and repeatability
    • Serviced solutions for business goal changes


  • Aurochs team conducted comprehensive demo for key business stakeholders
  • Demonstrated design philosophy and out-of-the-box plan configuration capabilities
  • Followed by quick proof of concept for roles in both US business units
  • Identified quality issues with existing calculations during comparison
  • Client gained confidence in system capabilities and signed contract
  • Methodical approach taken post-signing to roll out systems for individual countries and business units
  • Developed detailed understanding of existing data sources with key client stakeholders
  • Partner organization helped develop comprehensive data lake as source system for incentive calculations
  • Deployed all 4 North American business units on single unified instance

Incentive Platforms Rollout

  • Data from various sources collected via scheduled SFTP pull
  • Data sanitized and ingested automatically using proprietary Data Manager
  • Aurochs Incentive Manager configured for complex calculations (e.g., overachievement, qualifiers, multipliers)
  • Eligibility manager configured for scenarios like new hire status, transfers, leaves
  • Data sanctity maintained for previous payout periods while calculating current period
  • Easy-to-use interfaces set up to manage change parameters during operations
  • Plan change and financial impact modeling available using historical data
  • Field incentive performance scorecards and detailed Admin calculation reports designed and deployed using Aurochs Field Reporting Manager

Governance Structure

  • Configured platforms and ran 2 cycles in parallel with existing systems for completeness and high-output quality
  • Onsite team from professional services partner deployed to work closely with key client stakeholders and track implementation progress
  • Scheduled periodic steering committee meetings to assess project direction and progress
  • Designed comprehensive dashboard to track implementation progress, discuss risks, and requested changes
  • Management framework designed in consultation with client to track monthly operations and SLAs
  • Operations resources from professional services partner team adhered to predefined calendar for timely delivery of reports every month


  • Implementations completed on time for all 4 business units
  • Multiple cycles implemented and managed for each business unit
  • Key performance metrics include:
    • 75% Reduction in change rollout time

    • Single standardized platform with end-to-end automation resulting in a 50% lower cost of ownership for the client
    • Delivery of strategic insights to evaluate plan performance continuously
    • End-to-end automation & 10x faster processing providing more time for client sales operations team for value-added activities
    • Majority of changes go live in less than a week

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