Pan Europe Biopharma Organization

Aurochs full SIP solution deployed for Pan-Europe Biopharma organization



  • Biopharma organization launching the upcoming drug in 7 European markets
  • Need a platform for managing qualitative metrics pre-launch
  • Require outcomes-based sales incentive plan post-launch
  • Seek a partner with agility, responsiveness, and multi-country coverage
  • Integration with common European data sources desired
  • Flexibility and scalability for growth
  • External viewpoint assistance optional
  • Key partner requirements outlined
  • Reacts, adapts, and scales as the launch schedule accelerates
  • Provides EU and Global platforms and services
  • Easy management of EU master, sales, market, and other (CRM) data on the platform
  • Commence with a “stripped back” platform to enable pre-launch MBO-centric SIP
  • Access and enable relevant functionality as client needs change leading into and beyond country launches
  • Reflects dynamics within SIP plans relating to pre and post-launch phases per country
  • Deploys integrated SIP platform with backup support and serviced operations
  • Provides access to approved picklist of plans by type to enable country set-up for incentive processes
  • High levels of automation and repeatability enable them to focus on the launch, not the incentives systems
  • Plan design, testing, quota setting, calculations, MBO management, administration, approval, reporting
  • Fully serviced as client prepares for launch with option to transition in-house
  • Enables client vision for approved pan EU SIP plans accessible “on-demand” to country management
  • Adds value to the core platform and service in the form of advice, playbooks, life-sciences experience, launch readiness
  • An external viewpoint and impartial validation of proposed plans and implementation details per target country


  • Aurochs team conducted a quick proof of concept for an early launch country
  • Discussed various aspects including roles, responsibilities, support, change management, timeline management, escalation matrix, SLAs, etc.
  • Adopted a methodical approach to roll out systems for individual countries after project signing

Incentive Platforms Rollout

  • Deployed Incentive Calculation Manager for all 7 markets after detailed requirements gathering, including an understanding of input data sources
  • Ingested multiple Data Provider feeds (IQVIA/FarmInform/SFK/Red Pharma) for calculation of outcome-based metrics
  • Configure MBO Manager to set, track and rate qualitative performance metrics associated with pre-launch and early-launch phases
  • Designed & deployed field incentive performance scorecards, manager reports & cross-country business review reports for transparency & faster decision-making using Aurochs Field Reporting Manager

Governance Structure

  • Assigned dedicated relationship managers for individual markets to track ongoing progress and manage any ongoing change management needs
  • Periodic steering committee meetings were scheduled to assess the direction & progress of the project
  • A comprehensive dashboard was designed to track the progress of implementation of different performance cycles by country, operations updates, risks, and any requested changes
  • The management framework was designed to track monthly operations and SLAs
  • Operations resources worked with a predefined calendar to ensure timely delivery of reports every month


  • Implementations completed on time for all 7 key markets
  • Multiple cycles implemented and managed for each market key performance metrics include:
  • 6 additional plans were added post rollout with an 8-10 hour change management timeline
  • Engagement expanded from 7 to 11 countries
  • Managed 7-day window for MBO entry, rating, and review by field
  • Monthly Operations in ~ 4 hours per country due to extent of automation
  • Each country implemented in < 4 weeks

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