A Small Pharmaceuitcal Organization 

Aurochs Field Reporting and Communication Manager Deployment for US



A small pharmaceutical organization with an excel based calculation system wanted to bring more transparency to their salesforce and provide them monthly performance progress scorecards.

a) Some of the key challenges that were faced by the sales operations team and the support team of the consulting firm they were working with:

  • Excel-based complex calculation workbook for sales incentives
  • There was no automated way for the client to share monthly performance progress with their salesforce
  • Lack of motivation was observed on the field side due to a lack of transparency and an ecosystem of ongoing engagement tools

b) The organization reached out to us with the primary goal of improving the overall transparency of their salesforce and building a solution that can deliver reports through multiple channels. They were looking for an ideal partner who can deliver agility & responsiveness, enable a high level of transparency and improve motivation by incorporating engagement elements. Their primary objectives were:

  • Agility to make changes in report designs in line with changing business requirements
  • Timely periodic performance updates with impact on incentives for ongoing transparency and reduced number of disputes
  • Provide timely nudges with the report to impact short-term performance


Aurochs deployed the reporting solution with the following framework:

Incentive Field Reports Rollout

  • Deployed comprehensive performance reporting in HTML/PDF/Excel using results from excel based IC system and distributed using email
  • Structure of the output tables from Excel calculation workbooks agreed upon to ensure seamless data transfer month-over-month
  • The clarity in performance and earnings potential, along with plan mechanics communicated effectively, enabled complete alignment with strategic objectives
  • Incorporated motivational messaging with nudges on the additional sales performance required to be achieved to hit the next earnings tier


Implementation of the reporting engine was completed within 2 weeks while incorporating special design requirements from the client. Some key performance metrics were:

  • The remarkable increase in transparency of sales incentive calculations
  • >70% reduction in query management and dispute resolution time
  • Significant reduction in shadow accounting time. Measurable increase in selling time for both sales reps and their managers
  • Visible increase in retention of top performers
  • Improved field motivation & engagement metrics