Leading Animal Health Company

Aurochs deployed IC Calculation Engine & Reporting Tool for US



  • Sales Incentive Calculation Engine & Field Reporting for a leading animal health organization:
    • Deployed system with automated one-click processing
    • Integrated data transformation through parameterized web-based interfaces for monthly calculations

a) Challenges faced by the clients’ sales operations team with their previous SPM solution:

  • Significant manual touchpoints due to plan complexity
  • Manual data collection and transformation from source systems
  • Certain components not implemented due to complexity
  • Lengthy processing timeline of 2 weeks with high stakeholder involvement
  • Tedious change management process delaying rollout
  • Offline management of payment approval process
  • Tedious plan change process without access to analytics or plan modeling ecosystem

b) Objectives of reaching out to the organization:

  • Automate calculation of sales incentives
  • Enable in-house management without external consultants
  • Deliver agility & responsiveness
  • Pull data from internal sources automatically
  • Provide flexibility for managing complex plan types and performance measures
  • Easy-to-use platform for in-house management
  • React and adapt for faster system rollout for ad-hoc plan changes
  • Automatic data ingestion and transformation
  • Support for various plan types and complex calculations
  • Access to relevant functionality based on evolving business requirements
  • Configure plan acknowledgment and multi-level payment approval workflows
  • Deploy integrated sales incentive platform with quarterly change management support
  • High levels of automation and repeatability to focus on business, not incentives systems.


  • Aurochs team conducted a quick proof of concept for an early launch country.
  • Subsequent conversations covered various aspects including roles, responsibilities, support, change management, timeline management, escalation matrix, SLAs, etc.
  • After project signing, a methodical approach was taken to roll out systems for individual countries.

Incentive Platforms Rollout

  • Data Manager automates collection, collation, sanitization, ingestion, and transformation of heterogeneous data sources with one-click functionality.
  • Aurochs Incentive Manager configured for complex calculations (e.g., portfolio level qualifiers, multipliers) and eligibility management (e.g., new hire status, transfers, leaves).
  • Parameterized web interfaces drive ongoing sales incentive calculations.
  • Enabled one-click processing from data load to reporting.
  • Configured easy-to-use interfaces for managing change parameters during ongoing operations.
  • Plan change and financial impact modeling available for evaluating upcoming changes using historical data.
  • Analytics and visualizations provided for assessing plan performance and effectiveness.
  • Field Reporting Manager deployed for field incentive performance scorecards and detailed Admin calculation reports.
  • Reports designed to be IPAD-friendly with what-if calculators.

Governance Structure

  • Platform configuration and detailed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) conducted with the client.
  • Weekly meetings scheduled to evaluate project direction and progress.
  • Comprehensive dashboard designed for tracking implementation progress, discussing risks, and managing requested changes.
  • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) created and shared to ensure seamless ongoing operations management.
  • Monthly meetings scheduled to address queries related to monthly operations.
  • Quarterly meetings scheduled to discuss upcoming plan changes.


  • Implementation completed within 3 weeks, with detailed UAT conducted before system rollout.
  • Key performance outcomes:
    • Total cost of ownership reduced by over 50%.
    • Total processing time reduced to <15 minutes compared to hours previously.
    • Key client personnel’s time involvement in operations decreased by over 80%.
    • Salesforce engagement improved by granting access to monthly incentive progress reports and what-if calculators, leading to better performance outcomes.
    • Change management time reduced by over 75%, with most changes deployed in less than a day.

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