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Sales Incentives Calculations & Reporting Management for the US



  • Sales Incentive Calculation Engine & Field Reporting for a leading animal health organization:
    • Deployed system with automated one-click processing
    • Integrated data transformation through parameterized web-based interfaces for monthly calculations

a) Challenges faced by the clients’ sales operations team with their previous SPM solution:

  • Significant manual touchpoints due to plan complexity
  • Manual data collection and transformation from source systems
  • Certain components not implemented due to complexity
  • Lengthy processing timeline of 2 weeks with high stakeholder involvement
  • Tedious change management process delaying rollout
  • Offline management of payment approval process
  • Tedious plan change process without access to analytics or plan modeling ecosystem

b) Objectives of reaching out to the organization:

  • Automate calculation of sales incentives
  • Enable in-house management without external consultants
  • Deliver agility & responsiveness
  • Pull data from internal sources automatically
  • Provide flexibility for managing complex plan types and performance measures
  • Easy-to-use platform for in-house management
  • React and adapt for faster system rollout for ad-hoc plan changes
  • Automatic data ingestion and transformation
  • Support for various plan types and complex calculations
  • Access to relevant functionality based on evolving business requirements
  • Configure plan acknowledgment and multi-level payment approval workflows
  • Deploy integrated sales incentive platform with quarterly change management support
  • High levels of automation and repeatability to focus on business, not incentives systems.


  • Aurochs team conducted a comprehensive Proof of Concept (POC) for one of the most complex business units in the US.
  • Results from the POC were compared with the client’s existing system to demonstrate solution capabilities.
  • The POC involved the following activities:
    • Detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and business processes.
    • Implementation of the solution to address the specific needs of the complex business unit.
    • Testing and validation of the solution against the client’s existing system.
    • Presentation of the POC results to the client for evaluation and feedback.

Incentive Platforms Rollout

    • Raw data formats collected, collated, sanitized, ingested, and transformed automatically using Data Manager.
    • Aurochs Incentive Manager configured for complex calculations (e.g., overachievement, portfolio-level qualifiers, multipliers).
      • Eligibility manager configured for various scenarios (e.g., new hire status, transfers, leaves).
    • Parameter tables designed for ongoing sales incentive calculations.
    • Enabled one-click processing from data load to reporting.
    • Configured easy-to-use interfaces for managing change parameters during operations.
    • Provided analytics and visualizations for evaluating plan performance and effectiveness.
    • Input validation and output validation summary reports available to identify anomalies and outliers upfront.
    • Deployed field incentive performance scorecards and summary reports across hierarchy levels using Field Reporting Manager.
    • Excel and PDF-based reports aligned with current communication paradigm.
    • Implemented new interactive HTML report with embedded what-if calculator.

    Change Deployment

    • Implemented plan changes for the new year
    • The implementation required changing the core measure from multi-level goal attainment to a layered ranking plan.
    • Eligibility exceptions were further changed to account for the new plan type.


    • Complete incentive system implementation process finalized with detailed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) conducted with the client.
    • Key performance outcomes:
      • Complete automation of complex eligibility calculation paradigm with no manual intervention.
      • Implementation process completed in 4 weeks, compared to 13 weeks in the legacy system.
      • Plan and report changes implemented for annual plan changes live in a workshop within approximately 4 hours, compared to 3 weeks in the legacy system.
      • Total operations time reduced by over 50%.
      • Standardization in implementation facilitated easy resource transition and reduced project risk.
      • Integrated quality assurance framework identified input issues early, reducing output processing timeline by over 50%.
      • Contract secured to deploy an incentive compensation solution suite in more than 100 countries across 3 key businesses.

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