The evolution of sales compensation tools has long been a topic of both intrigue and frustration among professionals. For decades, these tools have predominantly been viewed as enhanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) systems with a sprinkling of incentive compensation (IC) features. We persevered to challenge this notion at Aurochs Software.

The Genesis

The inception of Aurochs was marked by a clear and ambitious goal: to disrupt the existing market by introducing an alternative model of sales compensation software. Our team, armed with extensive experience in incentive compensation implementations, was acutely aware of the complexities and limitations inherent in traditional systems. We recognized the need for a tool that was not just an afterthought in a company’s software suite but a robust, user-centric solution.

Rethinking the Approach

Our journey began with a fundamental question: How can we simplify the sales compensation process and empower end-users with true self-service capabilities? This query set the stage for a series of brainstorming sessions, where our team dissected the myriad of exceptions and variances in incentive compensation structures encountered over the years. The task seemed daunting, bordering on impossible.

A Strategic Pivot: Focusing on Healthcare

Amidst these deliberations, a strategic pivot emerged: focusing exclusively on the healthcare sector. The rationale for this choice was twofold. First, healthcare is among the earliest adopters of formal incentive compensation software, leading to a degree of standardization in incentive measures and structures. Second, the prevalence of third-party data in healthcare imposed a layer of uniformity on data structures. This domain-specific focus transformed our overwhelming challenge into a more defined and manageable problem.

The birth of Aurochs: A Tailored Solution

Thus, Aurochs Software was born – not as a blank canvas requiring extensive setup but as a sophisticated platform with pre-defined structures. Our software comes equipped with almost every conceivable measure used in healthcare, alongside a comprehensive range of incentive structures. Moreover, we have incorporated the most common exceptions into our system, ensuring that clients are not starting from scratch but are instead fine-tuning a well-oiled machine.

The Crown Jewel: Configurable Eligibility

The centerpiece of our innovation is the configurable eligibility feature. Designing a system flexible enough to accommodate the myriad ways organizations calculate and apply eligibility was a formidable challenge. However, our commitment to this feature stemmed from an understanding of its critical role in incentive compensation.

Efficiency and Agility

The result is a platform that can expedite the setup of a complete incentive plan for a medium-sized healthcare organization in merely three weeks, extending slightly longer if data wrangling is required. This efficiency represents a seismic shift from the protracted timelines traditionally associated with sales compensation software implementations.

Conclusion: Transforming the Landscape

Aurochs Software stands as a testament to the power of focused innovation and domain expertise. By reimagining the approach to sales compensation software, specifically within the healthcare industry, we have transformed a once-impossible task into a reality. Our journey underscores the importance of challenging the status quo and illustrates how targeted solutions can revolutionize industry standards.

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