PUNE, India – Oct 17, 2019 – PRLog — Aurochs Software has again reiterated their goal of providing state-of-the-art solutions that are designed to enable the global healthcare industry to take control of their sales compensation with the launch of RepEye. The newly launched product is a business intelligence platform with fantastic features such a pre-built IC performance report when deployed with the Aurochs IC Calculation Engine, “what-if” calculator capability, stunning geospatial visualizations, and internationalization.

The healthcare industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years with different stakeholders in the industry as well as advancements from other fields, including technology, helping to create a more efficient industry. One health IT solutions provider that is poised with helping every player in the healthcare industry get the best possible experience is Aurochs Software. The company’s commitment to ensuring a more efficient process in the industry has led to the development of several tech-based solutions with the most recent one being RepEye.

The user-friendly integrated iPad compatible business intelligence platform is designed for easy access to rich, visual reports and dashboards by all stakeholders including field reps, home office analysts, functional leadership, etc.. Some of the features of the web-based mobile-friendly tool include dynamic HTML reports with interactivity, data-driven Excel-based reports, KPI tracking dashboards and can also integrate PDF reports generated from other applications. As part of the Aurochs Incentive Compensation Solution Suite it also integrates multi-level quota refinement, IC operational workflows, plan document approval workflows and built-in multi-language support. While it is part of the Aurochs IC Solution Suite, it can also be deployed independently for use as a standalone Business Intelligence platform for organizations that need detailed customizable reports with fine-grained control in the distribution of these BI assets. What’s more RepEye allows you to track usage and engagement patterns of your users which is critical to gauge user interest.

RepEye has an amazing administration interface that makes publishing reports & dashboards faster and easier. The integrated notifications feature allow users to send and receive information through different channels with the field message portal allowing for the achievement of targeted communications. The iPad and mobile compatibility of the tool particularly makes the tool an amazing companion and tool for the healthcare industry.

For more information about RepEye and other innovative solutions from Aurochs Software Pvt. Ltd., please visit – https://aurochssoftware.com/ . Aurochs Software is also available across several social media platforms, including FaceBook , Twitter , and LinkedIn .

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Aurochs Software is a provider of sales compensation solution suite and services that enable the global healthcare industry to take control of their sales compensation function in the most efficient and effective way. The company was founded to address the several challenges faced by healthcare industry clients with a team of experienced professionals in the incentive compensation practice area.

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