Setting sales quotas continues to be a challenge for many sales organizations in the healthcare industry. In fact most companies regard setting effective quotas as one of the biggest challenges in the sales planning ecosystem. The stakes are quite high since incorrect quotas can have several undesirable effects like lack of motivation in the sales force resulting to high turnover, inability to reach sales objectives while resulting in windfall gains for the salespeople.

Aurochs Quota Manager is set to change this. With its self-managed quota setting tool, Aurochs has integrated commonly used quota setting methodologies including ability to incorporate non-sales based potential parameters with a capacity to test goals for achieving sales objectives. The newly launched tool allows creation and analyzing quotas a lot easier and more precise. An integrated business workflow helps organizations establish the most business-appropriate quota methodology, model different factor influence, and supervise quota setting cycle to make sure that everything is being done in accordance with corporate guidance.

By establishing multiple quota weight sets and optimizing the model by comparing results across these weight sets, organizations can determine whether the sales quotas are in line with broader corporate objectives or if significant changes are needed. Additionally, this software offers:

  • Modeling – Enabling organizations to model quotas using various factors including non-sales factors.
  • Fairness Bias Testing – Analyze performance metrics and test for historic markers of fairness and bias.
  • Pay for Performance – Evaluate quota sets across different metrics to test for pay for performance.
  • Rationalization – Enterprise capability to rationalize quotas using several strategies for floors and caps, as well as fair share redistribution techniques.
  • Refinement – Integrated with the RepEye field engagement module, a customizable intuitive refinement capability can be deployed across multi-level hierarchical sales organizations.

The built-in reporting platform allows communication of quotas and sales targets in an intuitive quota communication report to gain better salesforce buy-in. The capability to account for ground level realities and transparency allows salespeople to achieve their sales quotas and motivate them to go above and beyond their responsibilities.

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AUROCHS SOFTWARE – Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, the Aurochs solution suite is a full featured Incentive Compensation suite that is highly intuitive, easy to use and is programmed to support in-house administration of incentive compensation function.

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