Aurochs – Incedo gets into partnership for fuelling growth and improving effectiveness of commercial functions of life sciences organizations

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May 25, 2021 – PUNE, India – We are proud to announce the partnership between Incedo and Aurochs. Incedo is a US-headquartered digital transformation consulting, data science & analytics, and technology services & solutions firm with 2500 professionals across 7 offices.

This partnership will help us build further depth to our services portfolio and provide scale to meet the growing needs of life sciences clients globally. Incedo, with deep life sciences data and business expertise, will provide the necessary support to clients in several areas beyond sales force effectiveness. The Incedo team will be supporting global implementations on Aurochs flagship Incentive Compensation Solution suite and will also provide clients support to manage their ongoing operations, analytics and reporting needs. The combined efforts of Incedo and Aurochs will help life sciences organizations to become less reliant on external vendors for their sales operations.

Aurochs and Incedo together want to evolve the way companies manage their sales incentives and deliver end-to-end automation without compromising on flexibility, timeliness and quality of incentive payouts. Aurochs and Incedo teams are led by people with decades of strong consulting backgrounds and have supported several successful multi-country incentive solution deployments for leading life sciences organizations. The success of our global rollouts are being driven by flexible, easy-to-use, secure cloud platforms with a unique program governance framework that allows for regional collaboration, and adherence to global guidelines.

Aurochs comprehensive solution suite consists of cloud platforms that support the entire sales incentive process flow:
– Incentive Manager: Calculation engine with an intuitive interface, standard IC plan components, metrics, data structures, quality, approval and auditing framework, modelling capability, multi-country deployments with cross-country reporting
– Field Engagement Manager: Multi-device compatible web reporting platform out-of-the-box performance report, “what-if” calculator, internationalization, integrated acknowledgement/approval/ operational workflows, distribution of excel reports and communication boards
– Quota Manager: Quota/goal setting tool with built-in quota setting methodologies using sales and non-sales based potential parameters and consultative workflow with additional capability to test territory-product level goals using out-of-the-box analytics and visualizations
– MBO Manager: Integrated self-service module to set, track rate and approve non-sales based subjective KPIs based on defined guard rails with built-in discussion / commenting capability
– IC Health Tracker: Plan fairness audit tool to perform a periodic assessment of IC plans using descriptive summary statistics, visualizations, industry-standard performance indicators
– Roster Manager: Manage sales personnel, territories, alignments including flexible work arrangements, temporary assignments, terminations and even lite leave tracking

Our platforms comes armed with business-ready intuitive interfaces, built-in IC intelligence and operations workflow, and underlying new-age secure technologies along with architecture innovations that provide significant value to our clients:
– > 75% faster change rollout (in hours/days instead of weeks)
– 100+ built-in plan components to provide flexibility (calculation periods, plan measures, payout curves, etc.)
– 50+exceptions handled out-of-the-box (HR scenarios, leaves, hierarchy overrides, etc.)
– >75% more time for value-added activities (operations in hours instead of days)
– 100% of all system activity tracked (plan changes, job executions, adjustments, approvals)
– >50% faster implementation (in weeks instead of months)

About Incedo

Incedo is a US-based digital transformation consulting, data science & analytics, and technology services & solutions firm. We help our clients achieve competitive advantage through End-to-End Digital Transformation and work across Financial Services, Telecom, Life Science & Healthcare and Product Engineering sectors. Our uniqueness lies in bringing together strong engineering, data science and design capabilities with deep domain understanding, and blurring the boundaries between services and products to maximize business impact from emerging technologies.

Incedo has 2500+ professionals spread across 7 offices in US, Canada and India with a focus on Pharma data management, reporting, analytics and data science capabilities combined with strong AWS/Azure partnerships

About Aurochs

Aurochs provides cloud platforms, information management solutions and advanced analytics services specifically for the life sciences industry. Aurochs flagship IC Solution Suite is a comprehensive suite with the capability to manage different needs of incentive program management from setting sales targets/quotas, managing non-sales objectives, calculating field sales incentives, providing access to sales and payout performance, engaging salesforce and proactively performing post hoc IC plan analytics for timely actions.

Aurochs is headquartered in Pune, India and has more than 50 employees all based out of India. Aurochs has global clients based out of the US as well as Europe.

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