Aurochs, a professional services firm that provides cloud platforms, information management solutions, and advanced analytics across industries, is pleased to announce a partnership with one of the world’s leading open-source software providers. This partnership will help us build further depth to our analytics services portfolio and help our partner scale up their operational needs as well as streamline them and bring in more efficiency. Aurochs will be providing end-to-end Incentive Compensation services and will help manage their quarter and year-end IC processes. This will empower the client to focus their efforts on core business challenges while we own up their data management, sales crediting, and IC processes at a day-to-day level.

Our team is excited and thrilled to be providing end-to-end Incentive Calculation services and continues to focus on the mission of improving the overall effectiveness of sales operations groups,” said Amit Jain, Co-Founder and Director of Customer Success at Aurochs Solutions.

Aurochs has been expanding its footprint across data management analytics globally and the key to its success has been its ability to hire highly motivated and dedicated individuals followed by a rigorous training program that prepares them to face the toughest of situations. Aurochs training program covers several practice areas like fundamentals of Incentive Compensation, IC plan design, IC plan configuration, Quota Setting, and Operations management. Aurochs is now positioned to be a holistic partner that supports the analytics & operational needs of clients worldwide. Aurochs is led by people with decades of strong consulting backgrounds and has supported several successful multi-country incentive solution deployments for leading organizations.

About Aurochs

Aurochs is a web-based Sales Compensation solution designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use. The platforms are designed with built-in business intelligence and come armed with a highly configurable, modular, and highly simple but intuitive user interface. The Aurochs platforms are also designed such that they are low on maintenance, secure & compliant, and also a light on infrastructure. The founders have years of experience in sales compensation design, implementation, and management of ongoing operations for cloud platforms and information management solutions.

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