Jul. 31, 2014 – PUNE, India — Aurochs Software (http://www.aurochssoftware.com) launched it’s flagship sales compensation management product today. Aurochs is a new sales compensation software specifically targeted at small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies.

Commonly used Excel based sales compensation solutions suffer from significant quality issues resulting in late payments and costly incentive overpayments. Changes are also difficult in such solutions depriving companies of the ability to course correct on their sales strategy in their dynamic growth stage.

Aurochs is a pharma-ready, web-based solution designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use. It comes armed with a robust quality framework, a key differentiator. This provides both summary and detailed analysis of common data issues, manual errors and plan setup misconfigurations right out of the box. Standard pharma sales compensation components and metrics are in-built into the software. Processing turnaround times in seconds rather than hours allow greater QA time hence greater accuracy.

The founders have years of experience in sales compensation design, implementation, and management of ongoing operations for pharmaceutical clients of all sizes. This experience has significantly influenced the design of Aurochs focusing on ease of use.

Aurochs product lifecycle will follow a quick, incremental updates paradigm bringing new features to the customer base constantly.

Pricing levels will empower pharmaceutical companies to manage the sales compensation function in-house without breaking the bank.


Sujeet Pillai (LinkedIn profile) – An aerospace engineer from IIT Bombay, he has over a decade of experience in managing Sales Compensation processes for various clients, including Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. He also has key technology and software development capabilities that enable him to create innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Mohit Dubey (LinkedIn profile) – A computer science engineer from MIT Pune, he has years of experience in sales compensation administration for medium sized pharmaceutical clients. He has been an entrepreneur for several years now and brings on board some key general management skills, entrepreneurial experience and administration skills.

Amit Jain (LinkedIn profile) – A chemical engineer from IIT Bombay, he has 10+ years of experience in sales compensation design, implementation and operations for pharmaceutical clients of all sizes. His skill set also includes managing analytics and operations for various practice areas such as performance management, customer segmentation and call planning.

Contact Rajendra Bhirud + 1 (267) 300 9083 marketing@aurochssoftware.com

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