May. 26, 2015 – PUNE, India — Aurochs software launches its Quota Setting solution– a self-service module that helps pharmaceutical companies to set sales targets for their sales force efficiently.

Setting reasonable yet challenging goals for sales reps is one of the main areas of concern for pharmaceutical companies. Current quota setting solutions are either excel based on or organisations use a consultant-based approach to manage quota setting, which inflates the total cost of Incentive Compensation Management. To address this problem, Aurochs has developed the first self-service quota setting module for the pharmaceutical industry with the capability to pick and choose a calculation methodology from a list of commonly used methodologies.

Key features of the solution are:

  • User-friendly self-service module
  • Multiple in-built popular quota setting methodologies
  • Easy loading of historical sales data, national forecast and hierarchy through .csv files
  • Automatically tests and analyses the calculated quota
  • Displays analytical output for easy understanding of systematic biases and problem areas
  • Integrates into the main ICM solution of Aurochs, making it a comprehensive one stop solution for all incentive compensation processes


Rajendra Bhirud
+ 1 (267) 300 9083

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