PUNE, India – 26th June, 2019: Aurochs Software recently launched its new version of MBO Manager software for businesses and institutions to efficiently deploy non-sales based subjective metrics in a collaborative, participative fashion across their sales organization. Described as a self-service, non-sales based key performance indicator management tool, the MBO Manager offers several features that allow users to communicate, track and rate the effectiveness and efficiency of the agreed upon objectives.

Built specifically with the healthcare industry in mind, Aurochs has carefully designed this software based on changing industry dynamics and the requirement of managing customized objectives over a set of defined time. Taking those objectives and the managers who devise and rate them into account, the MBO Manager ensures that you get what’s just right for aligning the behavior of salespeople and other stakeholders with broader corporate strategy and use the outcome for calculation of incentives.

The software offers a number of different features for this express purpose. The first of them is a Rating Framework, which provides multiple scoring systems to judge performance. The second salient feature is an Objective Evaluator which can be initiated by either the manager or the software itself. A Collaborative Review allows all related parties to view and discuss the objectives and their progress. Finally, an Audit and Compliance feature offers tracking for all system activities and approvals, bringing users a built-in feature which logs all changes. Offering complete support for healthcare businesses, the MBO Manager includes a completely automated system for timelines and alerts managers with notifications on any pending or upcoming action requirements. The system allows objectives to be updated, revised, or uploaded through a Word document or Excel sheet, allowing managers to effectively keep a check on all objectives at any point. Aurochs Software suggests that the most salient and important feature of the MBO Manager is the fact that it provides integration into Aurochs’ ICM Solution. It’s a complete and efficient management system that offers healthcare businesses the support they need, as per the claims made by Aurochs.

The MBO Manager is a one of a kind product that ties in with Aurochs’ other products that specifically cater to healthcare businesses and the industry as well. Providing full integration and great support, it’s a product that is bound to see traction quickly.

For more information, please visit https://aurochssoftware.com/products/mbo/

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Here is the link to the original press release : https://www.prlog.org/12776734-aurochs-software-launches-new-management-by-objectives-mbo-software-for-effective-management.html

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