Aurochs Solutions recently expanded its range of business ready cloud platforms specifically targeted at the life sciences industry. It has launched several new platforms and have further improved upon existing set of sales incentive management platforms that will digitally transform the sales operations of the life sciences industry.
Their platforms are designed to efficiently manage different areas such as data management and organization, customer relationships and affiliations, customer profiling and intelligence, roster, quotas, sales incentive calculations, MBOs, IC analytics, and business intelligence. Their key platforms are:

• Incentive Calculation Manager
• Rep-Eye – Field Engagement Manager
• Quota Manager
• MBO Manager
• IC Health Tracker
• Roster Manager
• Customer Relationship Manager
• Commercial Data Asset Library
• Operational Data Store
• Affiliation & Target Refinement
• Market Intelligence & Profiling Survey
• Sales Attrition Management

All these platforms are architected with built-in business intelligence, configurable components and workflow with integrated reporting and distribution platform. All their platforms come armed with highly configurable, modular and a very simple and intuitive user interface. They are also designed to be low maintenance, secure & compliant, and light on infrastructure.

Aurochs Solutions leadership team believes that their use of new-age technologies and innovative platform design methodology will empower their life sciences clients to gain operational efficiency, reduce time to market, higher output quality, and timely insights at much lower total cost of ownership and significantly better ROI as compared to their competitors.

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