Aurochs Solutions recently introduced its newest platform Roster Manager for the life sciences industry. Aurochs claims its Roster Manager is a tool that manages sales personnel & territories and help their clients reduce potential loss of revenue & significantly reduces administrative overheads.

Roster Manager features an intuitive business interface, built-in data validations and structured analytics driven approach. Managing commercial sales roster requires a deep understanding of the industry domain, common field practices, strong process governance and flexible assignment model & Aurochs Roster Manager excels at all of these.

Aurochs Roster Manager acts as a tool that manages:

– Territory & salesforce hierarchy
– Sales personnel
– Alignments
– Temporary assignments
– Terminations
– Flexible work arrangements
– Leave management

About Aurochs Solutions:

Aurochs Solutions is a new age tech company that provides cloud platforms, information management and advanced analytics for the life sciences industry.

Media Contact:

Rajendra Bhirud


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