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Kenneth Pieh on approaching challenges in medical devices during this pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entire life sciences industry and all of them are striving hard to cope up with these difficult circumstances in their own way. IC landscape is no different and has not been spared by any of these challenges either. Covid has instigated social distancing and virtual meetings to be the new normal limiting the in-person access. This resulted into changing dynamics within the sales operations team across different industries. While talking about all these aspects, Kenneth Pieh shares his perspective on the changing and evolving trends in the incentive compensation management space.

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10 Incentive plan adjustment ideas to deal with a pandemic

We have lived through these unprecedented times of a global pandemic and are now approaching the planning period for the next fiscal. After the rude shock that everyone experienced, it is imperative for businesses to appropriately react from a future standpoint. Sales reps are now getting more worried of their pay checks over catching an infection. What is your organization planning to do about it? Here is a list of options to choose from now that we are past the hiccups and have a grasp of the magnitude of the situation.

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